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USA & Caribbean:

Lead Mechanic (Learjet LR60/60XR) - Fort Lauderdale


Sales Executive (Freight Forwarding) - Miami


CJ3+ Captain - Sacramento, California


Hawker 850XP Captain - Sacramento, California


King Air 350 Captain - Sacramento, California


A&P Mechanics - Camarillo, California


Learjet 60/60XR Captains - Fort Lauderdale


Learjet 60 First Officers (Type Rated not required) - Fort Lauderdale


Learjet 45 First Officers (Type Rated not required) - Fort Lauderdale


Challenger CL604 Captains - Fort Lauderdale


Challenger CL604 First Officers (Type Rating not required) - Fort Lauderdale


First Officers - Florida


Chief Pilot - New Castle, Delaware


Avionics Technician - New Castle, Delaware


Lead Maintenance Technician - New Castle, Delaware


A&P Technicians - Portsmouth, New Hampshire


Avionics Technicians - Portsmouth, New Hampshire


Jet Card Sales Director - Detroit


EMB 120 Captains - Caribbean


EMB 145 Captains - Caribbean


EMB 145 First Officer - Caribbean


King Air 90GT First Officer - Portsmouth, New Hampshire




A320 Captains - Amsterdam


A320 First Officers - Amsterdam


A320 Captains - Paris


A320 Captains - Vilnius


A320 Training Instructors & Examiners (LTC, TRI & TRE) - Floating Base


A320 Captains - Floating Base


A320 First Officers - Floating Base




B737NG Captains - India


ATR 72-500/600 Captains - India


B737NG Captains (Rated & Non-Type Rated) - Turkey




A320 Captains (Rated & Non-Type Rated) - Japan





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